High School Student Beaten Up After Racist Snapchat Post


A high schooler who “joked” about whipping slaves on Snapchat got his own butt whipped on Thursday.

Last week, the Buchanan High School student of Fresno, CA made light of slavery on Snapchat. In the post, the boy and his peers pretended they were slave-owners. One of the posts read, “I caught my house n**ger looking at chevys on Craigslist so I lynched him and his kids.” The message was accompanied by a picture of a slaveholder whipping a slave.

The Snapchat pics gained national attention and the boy was reprimanded by his schoolIt’s not yet clear whether he was placed in in school suspension or was told to stay home as a consequence for the racist posts.

But when he returned to school this week, what is clear is that he was in for an a** whipping.

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A video showed a Black student approaching the boy before swinging at the boy.




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