Screenshot/America First Policies

I spy with my little eye not one, but two POC in an ad paying tribute to President Donald Trump.

The “Thank You, President Trump” commercial is  sponsored by America First Policies, an initiative created by Trump aides, of course. It’s filled with 33 cringe worthy seconds of “everyday” Americans kissing Trump’s patootie with vague words of gratitude.

Not only is the ad an uncomfortable assertion aimed at proving there is a population who don’t find the openly bigoted 45th president as vile as the rest of us, two folks of color were planted in the commercial.

One of the seeming individuals of color thanks Trump for lowering his taxes. But the president’s recent tax plan aimed at making the rich, richer combined with the blue-collar worker status implied by the man’s hardhat and googles make the display of gratitude offensively ironic.

What feels like days later in the ad, an older Black man recites something about the president putting America first. If by America, he secretly means Trump’s fragile and toxic ego, then we hear you, man.

But if these POC truly mean what they say or found any payment received worth delivering these unsubstantiated messages, then this is just sad.

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