Jay-Z and Beyonce

The music world's biggest power couple, Jay-Z and Beyonce, are going to host a fundraiser for President Obama. The expensive event will be held at the rap icon's 40/40 club, thereby cementing the fast friendship between the two leaders of the new school. In part, it could be a return of the favor President Obama bestowed on Jay when he introduced him at the latter's "Made In America" festival in Philly. Wife Beyonce even cut an ad directed at Obama's key demographic just for the Commander-in-Chief.

The couple's friendship with the Obamas harkens all the way back to the president's inauguration. Jay-Z and Beyonce performed at a tribute concert honoring the newly elected Head of State on the night before Obama took his oath of office. Scheduled for the evening of Sept. 18, the 40/40 fundraiser will host Barack Obama, who is stopping by for a dinner, and he'll be joined by 100 friends who will have paid $40,000 each for the honor.

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