Meet Toveet Radcliffe, The 1st Black Woman to Die in the Israeli Military

It’s been two years since Toveet Radcliffe died, and the African-American’s death is the first case of its kind in three decades.

The young soldier died with a bullet to the head while she was struck inside an Israeli air force base. As a result, the Huffington Post reports that the case with be newly investigated by an IDF judge and its Military Court of Appeals.

The decision was made by IDF Major General Doron Feiles. The Major General appointed a judge to take a second look at the circumstances leading up to Radcliffe’s death. The decision comes one year after the IDF completed its investigation. In the initial probe, officials determined the young soldier had taken her own life.

According to reports, on the evening of Feb 21, 2015, Radcliffe, 20, succumbed to a gunshot wound while guarding a Patriot missile batter at the Palmachim Air Force, near Rishon Lezion. The incident was investigated but the conclusions resulted in no arrests.

Radcliffe, who was born in Israel to Black parents who moved there to practice as Hebrew Israelites, reportedly grew up happy and well-liked in Dimona, a southern Israeli city.

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While she was born in the country, Radcliffe was not a citizen. Her family and friends aren’t buying the original conclusion that she took her own life.

“I think the whole investigation was flawed from the beginning. And that alone is jail time, as far as I’m concerned. The fact that they tried to sweep it under the rug so quickly, I’m very, very frustrated by that,” Ketreyah Fouch told The Root.


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