Tracee Ellis Ross Speaks Out About Voting For Hillary Clinton

Tracee Ellis Ross Endorses Hillary Feature

Dealing with politics can be tricky. And although some of us may be tempted to opt out of this presidential election, it’s important to take note of our right to vote as we come to the end of the Obama era. Tracee Ellis Ross would agree. In an honest and insightful piece on politics, the Emmy nominated actress wrote an op-ed for Cosmopolitan on her decision to endorse Hillary Clinton.

On The Importance of Voting

“What I learned is that politics is, in fact, inextricably linked to my rights as a human being, which can be daunting, but also exciting. Even if politicians spew confusing, convoluted jargon, these people are still meant to represent me, and the only way that happens is if I stay informed and vote.”

On Why She Thinks Hillary Is The One For The Job

“Change takes time, but we will not only lose the momentum, but also go backward, if she is not elected. I also shared that I, too, believe she is not perfect. But when I think about what is important to me in a leader, perfection is not a quality that I look for. Perfection feels too rigid. I want experience, a sense of equality, a level of excellence, an ability to grow, and none of those things mean perfect.”

“I do believe Hillary is the most qualified nominee in our country’s history. She has faced adversity, lost with dignity, and remains tireless in her quest to help others. She fumbles and gets back up stronger.”

A look back at our interview with Hillary Clinton.

On How Hillary Has Inspired Her As A Woman

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“I have gained courage and inspiration watching Secretary Clinton throughout her life, but especially during this campaign. Her presence as the first female nominee of a major political party has pulled the curtain back on a culture of sexism and misogyny, has amplified women’s voices we don’t often hear, and has brought to the forefront conversations that are often dismissed about the reality of the experiences women have. She has taught me that, despite this sexist roadblock of being held to a higher standard, it is important to keep trudging through without letting it dim my light or discourage me from being who I am and doing what I am meant to do.”

Read the full opinion piece at Cosmopolitan

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