Trump Administration Considering $6 Billion Cut to HUD Budget

President Donald Trump talks with reporters in the Oval Office of the White House. AP / Evan Vucci

The Trump administration is reportedly considering cutting the Department of Housing and Urban Development’s budget by more than $6 billion, The Washington Post reports.

The plan, obtained via a preliminary budget by the Post, would place pressure public housing support and bring most federally funded community development grants to an end. The grants provide services such as meal assistance and cleaning up abandoned properties in low-income areas.

The move is the latest evidence that the administration is making good on Trump’s goal to cut domestic spending by $54 billion in an effort to bolster the defense budget. If implemented, the plan would shrink HUD’s budget by 14 percent by October.

The public housing capital fund will see roughly a $1.3 billion cut under the preliminary plan and an additional $600 million would be cut from the public housing operating fund. The preliminary budget maintains the same level of funding to rental assistance programs. It also avoids reductions that could directly put families on the streets.

Instead, the proposed budget targets funding for building maintenance and community development projects.

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HUD spokesman Jereon Brown said the budget document “is still a work in progress.” It is unclear whether the proposed housing cuts will be included in Trump’s final budget proposal.



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