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Unemployed Blacks More Resilient During Job Search than Whites

Why Is the Black Unemployment Rate So High?

Unemployed Blacks more resilient during the job search than Whites.

Even as the unemployment rate has remained steady at 6.3% last month, the unemployment rate for African Americans, coming in at 11.5%, is currently more than twice as high as that for White Americans. Last month, the difference was even larger with African American unemployment rate reaching 2.2 times the unemployment rate of White Americans.

According to Valerie Wilson of the Economic Policy Institute, this was the biggest discrepancy since 2007. Her explanation for this? African Americans don’t give up. Yes, African American employment has not recovered at the rate of White employment, but that’s not all.

The other factor to consider, Wilson wrote last month, is that unemployed African Americans are more resilient and less likely to give up their job searches.

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