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Video Shows Tamir Rice Shooting Aftermath

Officers in Tamir Rice Shooting Escape Charges

The Cleveland police officers involved in the fatal shooting of Tamir Rice contend that they were not deliberately indifferent to the 12-year-old’s medical needs after he was shot.

The officers made the statement in a court filing on Friday Officers Timothy Loehmann and Frank Garmback said another officer and an FBI agent provided first aid when they arrived on the scene after the shooting.

“The FBI agent rendered first aid,” says the motion filed by Attorney Kathryn Miley who is representing the officers.[…]The officers did not show a deliberate indifference to medical needs as the appropriate aid had been summoned.”

The filing also says the officers “caused no additional injury” by not administering first aid to the dying boy.

Extended video shows the police officers forced Rice’s 14-year-old sister to the ground after police shot her brother.

Read more at the Cleveland Plain Dealer.

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