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White Man Harasses Driver by Calling Him the N-Word (VIDEO)

Racism, White Man, Long Island, N-Word

Activist Shaun King wants the public to identify a White man seen on video berating a driver over a traffic incident where he repeatedly calls him a “n*gger.”

“ALL HANDS ON DECK. What’s this man’s name? This is Long Island, New York,” King wrote on Twitter on Thursday. “Be a bigot and we will make you famous for it. My blood is boiling watching this.”

“Take a picture,” the man can be heard saying on the video that has over 200,000 views. “I’ll call you a n*gger too. Smile n*igger.”

The unidentified man continues the verbal assault saying, “put it on tape that you can’t drive, you cut people off,” he says. “Make sure you show that to the cops, you stupid n*gger.”



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