What The?! This Week

There are some things that happen in the news that simple defy words and all you can say is, “What The?!”

10/22 Undead Baby: Read more at cbsnews.com/suit-doctors-mistakenly-declared-chicago-boy-dead

10/23 Woman Dancing Provocatively As Child Raps: Read more at sandrarose.com/video-hip-hops-negative-influence-on-our-children-pt-4

10/25 Ghetto Wake-Boarding?! Read more at simplyzesty.com/viralvideos/brilliant-ghetto-wakeboarding-video

10/26 Stephen A Smith says “N**gga Please” Read more at http://deadspin.com/5955213/stephen-a-smith-says-nigga-please-on-espn2-and-everyone-gets-stupid-in-response

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