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Why White Men Are Buying Up All of the Guns

Since the 2008 election, the number of firearms that are manufactured in the United States has tripled and imports have doubled, according to the Scientific American.

What the study, “The Stock and Flow of U.S. Firearms: Results from the 2015 Study National Firearms Study” doesn’t mean is that more households have guns than ever before, but more guns are being purchased by a small number of individuals.

In this case, it’s conservative white men that are stockpiling on firearms in America.

Currently, three percent of the population owns half of America’s firearms, according to a study released by Harvard University’s Injury Control Research Center.

The American citizen most likely to own at least one gun is the man who is “anxious about their ability to protect their families, insecure about their place in the job market and best by racial fear,” Jeremy Adam Smith of the Scientific American writes. “In fact, stockpiling guns seems to be a symptom of a much deeper crisis in meaning and purpose in their lives. Taken together, these studies describe a population that is struggling to find a new story—one in which they are once again the heroes.”

Read more on “The Stock and Flow of U.S. Firearms: Results from the 2015 Study National Firearms Study” here.



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