White Ref Forces Black HS Wrestler to Cut His Dreadlocks to Compete

White Ref Forces Black HS Wrestler to Cut His Dreadlocks to Compete, High School Wrestler Returns to Competition After Dreadlocks Were Cut. Lawyer: Wrestler Forced to Cut Dreadlocks Still Targeted Because of Hair
Photo Credit: Mike Frankel Twitter Account

Andrew Johnson, a Black wrestler at Buena Regional High School in New Jersey, was instructed by Alan Maloney, a White referee, to cut his dreadlocks or forfeit a match.

The incident was caught on video and uploaded to Twitter by Mike Frankel, the sports director of SNJ Today News.

“A referee wouldn’t allow Andrew Johnson of Buena @brhschiefs to wrestle with a cover over his dreadlocks.”

Frankel tweeted, “It was either an impromptu haircut, or forfeit. Johnson chose the haircut, then won by sudden victory in OT to help spark Buena to a win.”

In the clip, Johnson can be seen reluctantly having his dreads cut off while being supported by a number of his teammates.

There has been an increase in the awareness of how Black people experience racism over the presence of their natural hair.  In August, a father became emotional after his 6-year-old son was denied entry into a Florida school because of his dreads.

Watch the video of the Buena Regional High School incident below.


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