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White Tennis Player Tells Black Player, ‘At Least I Know My Dad’ During Match

Racism has reared its ugly head once again, as a Black college student recently shared his story via Twitter, resulting in the offending party suffering the consequences.

John Wilson of North Carolina AT&T, an HBCU, put White student Spencer Brown on blast for telling him, “At least I know my dad,” during a tennis match.

“Hey #NCAT this is Spencer brown, a tennis player at Appalachian state. During our match today, along with other racist comments, Spencer told me, ‘At least I know my dad.’ Their coach responded by saying, ‘..we have a black guy on our team.’,” he tweeted.

Wilson added, “Black Twitter, do ya thing.”

As requested, followers contacted Brown’s school, Appalachian State University, telling them of the incident, which has resulted in an indefinite suspension.

“After yesterday’s men’s tennis match, an Appalachian State student-athlete engaged in behavior that was derogatory and offensive,” Appalachian State said in a release. “This student-athlete has been suspended indefinitely from the team, effective immediately, for violating the student-athlete discipline policy.”


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