White Woman Arrested after Lying About Black Man Attacking Her

White Woman Arrested for Lying About Black Man Attacking Her
Screenshot/Columbia Police Department

A White South Carolina woman who said she was attacked by a Black man in a parking lot was arrested for lying, according to The State.

Police confirmed that Kristen Michelle Rimes, 26, made up the incident and was charged with filing a false police report and false swearing.

Rimes, who posted pictures of herself bruised and battered on Facebook, said the incident happened at a Walmart parking lot in Harbison, South Carolina, on Nov. 26. According to a press release from law enforcement, Rimes claims she was “assaulted by an unknown male suspect.”

Officials said Rimes told them that the man approached her while she was sitting in her car, forced her out of the vehicle when she hit her head on the pavement and that he “tried to force down her pants.”

“I didn’t see anybody, just heard a voice. I said I wasn’t interested and I just rolled my window up,” Rimes told Cola Daily in November. “I had put my car in park and I didn’t think about how my doors unlock automatically when I do that.”

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Rimes said that the man who attacked her “was a black male, medium build, wearing a hoodie with a jacket over it.”

Cops investigated and determined she was not at Walmart “on the night she claimed the incident occurred.”

Rimes has reportedly removed the images from Facebook.


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