White Woman Calls Cops on Black BBQ for Using Charcoal Grill (VIDEO)

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In the latest case of police being called on Black folks for doing absolutely nothing, a White woman recently called the cops on a Black family while they were having a cookout along Oakland, California’s Lake Merritt, claiming it was illegal for them to be using a charcoal grill in that area of the park.

Witness Michelle Snider recorded the incident, which took place on April 29. Footage shows a White woman telling a Black family and their guests that they are BBQ’ing illegally, accusing one man of trespassing, as well. She also hurled racial slurs at the group.

“I hear you have a problem with these gentlemen having a barbecue here at the lake. What’s going on?” asked Snider. The woman then repeats that the group isn’t allowed to use a charcoal grill.

“Are you sure it’s not because you don’t want black people out here,” Snider questions. The woman responds, “It has nothing to do with their race.”

“It seems like a new Jim Crow going on, because for some reason, every time I see this, it’s black people being targeted for barbecuing at the lake,” Snider retorted. “And you’re a perfect example of it right now. It’s two men, sitting out here just chilling. And this whole setup is real clean. They’re not even playing music.”

Police eventually arrived, with both parties accusing the other of harassment. The officer proceeded to take down a police report but issued no citations and allowed the barbeque to continue.

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Check out the footage below.



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