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Woman Becomes First Black Female Nanoscientist in Virginia’s History

Ginai Seabron, Nanoscientist, Virginia Tech

A 22-year-old Black woman has made history as the first Black female nanoscientist in Virginia’s history, NBC 12 reports.

Ginai Seabron graduated from Virginia Tech’s nanoscience program and shared the news on Twitter where it was retweeted thousands of time.

“OFFICIALLY DONE! These past 4 years have been [long] and HARD but I/WE made it. You are looking at the FIRST African American Woman NANOSCIENTIST from Virginia Tech!” she wrote in May.

Seabron said that it did not go unnoticed that she was the only person of color in her classes, but she had no idea that she was the first Black woman to ever finish the program, she told NBC 12.

“We talked to the department head and he looked it up and confirmed it,” said Seabron.

“Nanoscience is the study of structures and materials on the scale of nanometers,” According to Texas Materials Institute at the University of Texas Austin. 

The school hopes that Seabon’s story will encourage other people of color to attend the school.

She said she will take the next year to intern at Virginia Tech before going back to school to further her education.


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