Woman Accused of Fatally Shooting, Chopping Up Boyfriend

Investigators in Texas say a Baytown woman fatally shot and then dismembered her boyfriend as he slept with a machete, ABC News reports.

The woman then allegedly left his remains in dumpsters housed around her apartment complex, according to court documents.

Authorities charged Cierra Alexis Sutton with murder in connection with the death of her boyfriend, Steven Coleman. Coleman was last seen on Aug. 16.

Officials say Sutton admitted to killing Coleman to others. Allegedly, she confessed to shooting him in the head as he slept after an argument. Because Coleman’s limp body was too heavy to carry, Sutton then reportedly hacked it into smaller pieces with a machete, and disposed of them in various dumpsters around her apartment complex.

“Devil. That’s the mind of a bad spirit,” Coleman’s close friend Dominique Clark told ABC News. “That’s not a normal mind. That’s not a mind of God. That’s not one of God’s children.”

A male torso was found in a Chambers County landfill on Aug. 22. It has yet to be definitively identified as Coleman’s, but investigators say there are key matching characteristics.

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Before the gruesome discovery, Clark said Sutton stayed with Coleman’s family as they searched for him.

“She played the role of an innocent person,” Clark said. “She played the role of an innocent person, and she played it to the fullest.”


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