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Pennsylvania Woman Allegedly Killed Over Tax Return

Three people have reportedly been arrested after a woman was fatally shot during a theft involving her tax return money, CBS Local reports.

According to a criminal complaint, Keiauna Davis was shot and killed by Dane Taylor after telling a co-worker that she received a huge tax refund this year. According to police in Wilkinsburg, Pennsylvania, Taylor had been alerted by Laya Whitley, a co-worker of Davis’ who was not with Taylor at the time of the robbery. Whitley reportedly told Taylor that Davis had a large sum of money from her tax return.

Another man, Kaijin Scott, was driving the vehicle Taylor used to execute the robbery. Taylor was apprehended on Saturday by police.

According to reports, Wilkinsburg police responded to a call of shots fired, with someone suffering a gunshot wound. Davis was found laying on a sidewalk after being shot. She later died after being transported by U.P.M.C. Presbyterian Hospital Paramedics.

A witness told officials that Davis had just received $3,000 cash Thursday morning from her income tax return. Davis, who worked at a Dollar General store, reportedly had the money deposited into the witness’s bank account and collected it from the witness during her lunch break.

As Davis left work, she was followed by Taylor and Scott, who pulled the car in front of her in the 1700 block of Laketon Road. Scott exited the vehicle, pretending to fix it as Taylor chased Davis down, according to police.

Taylor retrieved a purse from Davis and returned to the vehicle. He got out of the car again, supposedly to retrieve a dropped cell phone, then again got back in the car. The purse was tossed out of the vehicle before the suspects fled the scene.

Surveillance footage captured Davis crawling toward the sidewalk.

The vehicle was found in Penn Hills after being tracked to its owner, the mother of Kaijin Scott. She informed police that her son was using her car around the time of the murder.

Scott told police that he was using the vehicle as a jitney and drove Taylor to pick up money from Davis, also saying Taylor fired shots at her before they fled the scene. Reportedly, Scott and Taylor distributed the funds among themselves at Taylor’s house in Turtle Creek before Scott drove Taylor to Whitley’s house.

Allegheny County homicide detectives, Wilkinsburg police and Allegheny County forensic investigators handled the case.



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