With Newt Gingrich trailing in the GOP polls to Rick Santorum, he is trying a different tactic to convince voters to stand behind him going into November — attacking President Obama’s energy policy. The former Speaker of the House is asserting that Obama pursues an “outrageously anti-American” energy policy that snubs the Keystone oil pipeline and puts too much stock in electric car technology to wean the country from foreign oil dependency.

Mind you, this was one of the initiatives that President Obama outlined before and during his first term as America’s commanding officer, but Gingrich doesn’t see it that way. He says Obama entertains a “fantasy” that the electric car “is going to liberate us from Saudi Arabia,” a factoid that could prove truthful as America’s auto industry has regained its footing.

With Gingrich and the GOP urging that Obama be made a “one-term president,” do you believe that Americans believe that an oil policy is better than electric?