Before winning Georgia during last night's Super Tuesday primaries, Newton Leroy Gingrich had to get his Rip Van Wrinkle on at AIPAC. Just before he was to speak at the American Isreal Public Affairs Committee, Gingrich was caught by cameras taking a quick nap, and was streamed lived on video. To make the situation more awkward, the would-be GOP candidate managed to field panel questions while there was no panel at all. The non-PAC event is billed as "America's pro-Isreal lobby," and is meant to strengthen relations between the United States and Isreal. When Gingrich's moment to shine on the AIPAC stage came, Gingrich awoke, saying, "I understand you have a panel. I look forward to any questions." After a long, uncomfortable silence, the moderator reminded the former Speaker of the House, "There is not a panel." 

Quickly thinking on the fly, Gingrich continued without skipping a beat, saying, "Let me just say—I say this pretty briefly—I think… We need a fundamental reassessment of our entire understanding of the threat of radical Islam." Maybe he can ask the New York Police Department for investigating tips?

How do think these ill-advised actions on the part of Newt Gingrich will hurt his chances at becoming president?