NFL luminary Victor Cruz signed with the New York Giants in 2010 as an undrafted free agent. Since then, Cruz has been grinding on and off the field to make a name for himself on the gridiron and in the business world.

Recently, spoke with the 30-year-old wide receiver about his partnership with Gillette, his grooming regimen, and his foundation for children in S.T.E.M. Describe your daily grooming routine, walk us through that process.

Victor Cruz: My routine is all about preparation. First, I make sure my face looks nice and sharp since it’s all about that head to toe look. After I shower, I apply Gillette Clinical Clear Gel. It’s the strongest protection out there to keep me cool and dry all day, and also goes on clear so I don’t have to worry about any white marks on my clothes. Win win – because you can’t look good and feel good if you’re worried about whether your deodorant is working or not. And finally, I don’t mess around when it comes to brushing my teeth. Properly brushed, twice a day, every day, to get my day started. What inspired your partnership with Gillette? What would you say you had in common with the campaign?

Cruz: I’ve been using Gillette for years now, and can attest to how great their products are. Everyone knows Gillette for being the best in the razor category, but what inspired this partnership was being able to get the word out about Gillette Clinical Clear Gel antiperspirant/deodorant – especially during a time of year that can be stressful for everyone, since stress inevitably leads to stress sweat. From the holidays and family obligations to, my job on the field, there is a lot going on and we should be focused on enjoying it. Gillette Clinical Clear Gel is where it’s at to help you stay calm, cool, and collected through it all, so that you’re focused on what really matters.

victor cruz gillette grooming What are your go-to grooming products?

Cruz: I’ve been a friend of Gillette for the past few years and am a big fan of their products because they’re the best out there. I’m constantly on the go and my day can get real stressful, real fast. So, for starters, I need to be able to count on my antiperspirant/deodorant, which is why I turn to Gillette Clinical Clear Gel.  Aside from that, I make sure to have my cologne and fragrances, so I can stay on top of my game. And my toothbrush. I’m really particular about it and it’s always top priority to not forget it when I’m on the road. How would you describe your style?

Cruz: I would have to say that my style is simple, with a splash of swagger and a little sartorial as well. What’s your favorite article of clothing currently?

Cruz: That’s tough to say, as I really love fashion and style, but my go-to right now would have to be my Nike Air Trainer Cruz sneakers. The shoe is just so comfortable and pretty much goes with anything you put on. Who are your fashion icons?

Cruz: My fashion icons are my dad, Pharrell, and Johnny Depp. Who is your favorite designer?

Cruz: I can’t list just one. My favorite designers are Riccardo Tisci, Shimon and Ariel Ovadia, and John Elliott. Do you have any current projects in the works outside of football?

Cruz: Football is the main focus, but I’m continuing to work on my sneaker line with Nike, as well as my foundation which supports the youth. Can you tell me more about your foundation and why you feel it is important to give back?

Cruz: The Victor Cruz Foundation is all about impacting the younger generation in an array of fields related to S.T.E.M, which is the education of Science, Technology, Engineering and Mathematics. It’s important for me to give back, as I’ve been given this opportunity to make a difference and have a positive impact on the lives of these kids. Our overall goal is to increase the number of underrepresented kids interest in career fields related to S.T.E.M while simultaneously helping build and reinforce some of the basic core school subjects.