Three NFL teams are being required to surrender their email and cell phone exchanges as evidence of their collusion in free agent Colin Kaepernick’s unemployment.

In October, Kaepernick filed a grievance against all 32 NFL team owners for allegedly in his unemployment.

Now, it looks as if Kaepernick will be building strong case against the league who seemingly blackballed the former San Francisco 49ers quarterback after his protest against brutality during the national anthem drew swift backlash from NFL fans.

Kaepernick has been given permission to select three team owners for his legal team to investigate. His selections were the owners of the Dallas Cowboys, New England Patriots and the Houston Texans who were in the limelight last week after ESPN reported owner Bob McNair referred to protesting league players as “inmates.” On Friday, reports surfaced that the Texans recently had an opportunity to draft Kaepernick but opted for an inexperienced rookie instead.

The owners of the Seattle Seahawks and 49ers whom Kaepernick played for last season will also be questioned in the case.