Raise your hand if you have a girl crush on Nia Long. She’s beyond bad, beyond gorgeous and has somehow managed to not change one bit in the last twenty years. Like Mary J. Blige, Nia’s skin always seems to have this effortless glow. Though it’s primarily due to her amazing skin regimen, she gave me the name of the oil that she and her son swear by to maintain healthy skin. It’s not an expensive magic serum housed in some exclusive boutique, either. It’s Heritage Products’ Aura Glow Almond-Scented Massage Oil, a $6 Whole Foods find. The oil, which she refers to as a “staple” in her house, has a nourishing base of peanut oil, olive oil and vitamin E. Along with Nia’s skin wonder, there are several other drugstore favorites you should try.

c. Booth Ginger Scrub – Behind the modest packaging of this amazing line is a scrub with such an invigorating scent, you’ll swear your shower instantly transformed into a lush spa. | $6.99, Drugstore.com

Organix Tea Tree Peppermint Cooling Body Wash – For these upcoming hot sticky months, this body wash is perfect to help you rinse off the day’s humid adventures. The tingling sensation works to keep you cool even after the shower is over.  | $7.99, Ulta.com 

Yes to Cucumbers On-The-Go Facial Towelettes – Total Godsend. Seriously. When you’ve schlepped back to your apartment after a long night of cocktails, you’ll thank the heavens that you have these towelettes to swipe your tired face in lieu of your 20-minute nightly regimen. |$2.99, Yestocarrots.com

JASON C-Effects Creme – For those that are always searching for products to brighten skin, this rich, anti-aging crème is fa-bu-lous! Along with a super dose of C, the moisturizer is chocked with antioxidants like green tea and vitamin E. | $14.99, Jason-natural.com