If you want cool artistic accents with an urban flair to help make your house a home, look no further than the wallpaper offerings of Apply Pressure. Its vibrant designs—featuring pics of bamboo doorknocker earrings, hoopties, cannabis, prominent hoods (like Compton’s) and historic landmarks (such as Harlem’s Apollo Theater)—are tributes to urban culture. California native Nichole Moss says she founded the print and design studio with our culture in mind.

“Apply Pressure Studio was created to fill the gap in the home decor space where street meets luxury," explains the designer. “Each design is an homage to never forgetting where you came from but designed for where we are now.”

Moss, who’s now based in New Jersey, began her career in the music industry at Def Jam and then moved into the editorial world with a position at The Source. A later stint designing clothing at legendary fashion house Calvin Klein allowed her to sharpen her creative skills. The result? Standout matte wallpaper selections such as the Door Knocker Hot Girl Pink, which depicts bamboo hoop earrings, and the Toile De Streets Royale Blue, which showcases different graphics reflecting the feel of Los Angeles.

As it says on the company’s website, “Apply Pressure is a visual narrative for all the hustlers who inspired [Moss’] journey.” Let these products inspire yours.

Apply Pressure Door Knocker Hot Girl Pink Wallpaper, $250, applypressurestudio.com
Apply Pressure Toile De Streets Royale Blue Wallpaper, $250, applypressurestudio.com