Over the past three decades, Nick Cannon has made his imprint in entertainment and music industries. As a comedian, rapper, television host and media mogul, he has become a household name while continuing to experiment with creative endeavors that solidify him as a cultural icon.

Cannon took a moment from being a boss to chat about his latest endeavor, The Daily Cannon morning show on Amazon's live radio app Amp.

EBONY: Your fatherhood journey has been a major topic of conversation over the past few years. How do you find balance as a dad and creative?

Nick Cannon: That's what we were put on this planet to do. My first priority is to be the best father I could possibly be. Honestly, I have so much love and admiration and joy doing so; it just spills over to the rest of my day and my life. I wake up each and every day just grateful for another shot and another opportunity. The fact that I actually have a career where it's my job to make people smile and to be creative—I couldn't ask for anything else.

Throughout the years, you've found unique ways to remain relevant and in tune with what the people want. How do you keep a pulse on the culture and how does that inform your endeavors?

I get inspiration from everything. I pay attention to what my kids are vibing to. It's important for me to just really be a fan of the next generation and be tapped in to what young people want. I'll jump on TikTok with a young influencer in a second or be on various platforms like gaming. I guess that's because I'm a big kid at heart, and youth advocacy has always been something that I've championed over the years, even from my Nickelodeon days.

Let’s talk about The Daily Cannon which will live on the Amp app. Why take on a morning show?

I've touched every aspect and pocket of the media space. I'm always looking for something new and innovative to launch my next endeavor. What Amazon has built in this interactive app is a way for everybody to have their own show. It democratizes the experience that usually comes with having platforms of some kind. We're usually told what to do or what to listen to. With Amazon's Amp, the audience gets to lead in conversation. I just feel like it's the next wave. As you said, I've been paying attention to a lot of these other platforms. I remember being on MySpace when it first came out as well as Twitter, Instagram and TikTok. With this platform, it has that same buzz and excitement, but even more so, because it's empowering people to utilize their voices.

This generation is tired of being told what to do or told what their experience should be. They go out and create their own experiences. That's exactly what Amazon Amp does too. It gives everyone the ability to create their own show to utilize their own voice. It's an even playing field for everyone. The people who put in the hard work and effort will rise to the top as creators on this platform. Additionally, you want to show people what type of music you like or what vibe you offer today. You get to talk to people and they get to talk right back to you.

What are you most excited to discuss and get into on The Daily Cannon?

We're blasting it off every day! It really is a cool opportunity because as you know, there's constant narratives about me every single day that I'm actually not even a part of. So I enjoy the fact that now you can get it straight from the horse's mouth and keep the gift of gab flowing. You know me, I'm going to just be talking that talk. (Laughs). But it will all be from a place of optimism, joy and trying to make people's day a little brighter. Even the logo for the show is a big giant sun smiling. It's also about trying to bring some fun to audiences of all ages.

What is something you want to do in the future that you have not done yet?

I'm really focused on bringing good energy through The Daily Cannon. But if we're talking about my future and what I aspire to be, it is to really be someone who's just known for giving other people opportunities and helping people and spaces that need help. True philanthropy and true humanitarianism.