The girlfriend of Nick Gordon has written a letter on his behalf to the judge following his arrest for beating her.

TMZ reports that Laura Leal filed documents in Seminole County, Florida, and one of them was a letter requesting for the judge to lift the no-contact order.

According to the media outlet which retained the letter, Leal is disputing the case against Gordon and is even claiming the domestic violence incident is all her fault.

“Pictures were taken of my face the night of the incident because cops stated my lip was ‘bleeding’ when in all reality my lips were chapped and dry,” she wrote in the letter. “There was no marks on my face.”

The site reports that Leal disclosed that she suffers from severe anger issues. She said the entire incident was a misunderstanding.

“I am seeking help and determined to take the condition seriously as I have been diagnosed bipolar,” she wrote in the letter. “He is not at blame, and should not be pushed into any trouble or consequences due to my actions.”

Leal’s statements appear to correlate with what Gordon said during his call to 911 regarding the incident. He was reportedly frantic and crying as he said he “sounds so lame because I’m getting beat up by a woman.”