Sometimes it pays to keep it real, instead of “right,” — just ask Jeopardy contestant Nick Spicher.  Last night, Jeopardy contestant by the name of Nick Spicher got his earnings (as well as his hood pass) revoked when he pronounced “Gangsta” as “Gangster.” It all started when Spicher gave the winning answer to a question, which just so happened to be a mash up of John Milton’s book “Paradise Lost,” and rapper Coolio’s 1994 hit song “Gangsta’s Paradise.” Only problem is, Spicher replaced the suffix “-sta” with the grammatically correct “-ster,” and the judges later decided it was a no for them, dawg.

Despite being awarded $1,600 at first, host Alex Trebek circled back and not only deducted the original earnings, but also an additional $1,600 for being wrong — for a total of $3,200 lost. Ouch!

Well, looks like being grammatically correct comes with a cost.