Ever since Migos dropped their latest smash “Motorsport” last week, all talk has turned to the rumored beef between Nicki Minaj and Cardi B. The two New York divas have reportedly had tension between them for months, but both ladies have denied such whispers.

Still, even their latest collaboration has sparked more beef talk, with both of their verses seeming to take shots at one another. Minaj, however, is nipping the issue in the bud, saying there’s no beef and that the collaboration grew into something much bigger than even she anticipated.

When it comes to the rumored feud, the “I Changed” spitter says people need to get over it, especially the men who continue to spread the lie, tweeting, “These are men in our culture who simply refuse to let it go. They don’t do this to male M.C.’s. But yo, #Motorsport #1 added on urban radio.”

She went on to explain that she was on the song first, when Quavo asked if she would mind adding the rest of Migos and Bardi to the track.

“I was on the song w/Quavo,” she tweeted. “No one else was on it. He called & asked if I think we should put Bardi on it, I said ‘ok let’s do it’. The end. Just Quavo. The conspiracy theories r just so tired. Relax. Breathe. Imagine me not knowing who on a song w/me.”

Minaj further explained that she approves of every song before it’s submitted to streaming services, meaning she heard and actually liked Cardi’s verse beforehand, and had no problem with it.

Check out the full breakdown from Nicki below.