Between her new judge spot on "American Idol" and a rumored E! reality series, television viewers might be seeing more of the "Pink Friday: Roman Reloaded" rapper next year. 

NIcki Minaj might already be dominating the airwaves with her music, but it looks like we might also be seeing more of the self-proclaimed Black Barbie on your television soon. Coming off of the recent announcement of her joining the judges panel on "American Idol," Minaj has reportedly revealed that a reality series centered on her might also be in the works. "I'm going to keep that a secret for now," Minaj allegedly told Perez Hilton earlier this week. "I am still considering." 

Despite Minaj's vague response, Hilton still reported that a reality show about her had already begun filming for air on E!. Apparently, the "Pink Friday: Roman Reloaded" rapper sees a reality series as an opportunity to increase her likability factor: "I will say that I find the more people see, is the more they understand, and then it's the more they like you," she is reported to have said. "When you pull them in your world, they see you as a real person. I'm not running away from it anymore."