Nicki Minaj sure wasn't lying when she gave major props to her legal team in the radio hit "Make Me Proud." In addition to her sweet endorsement deal with MAC makeup, the Young Money rapper has just landed a multi-million dollar deal with Pepsi. The deal includes a commercial that has already been filmed in South America, though the air date has not been announced. To top off the amazing news, Minaj has also released her European tour dates.  

Whether you consider her a pioneer for quirky female rappers like Azealia Banks or yet another testament to hip-hop's hyper-sexualization of the black women, everyone has to admit that this Pepsi deal is a landmark moment. 

Has Nicki Minaj's huge deal — in large part due to her major theatrics and slick lyricism — placed her in a league of her own? Or, should this major deal have been offered to another artist?