One would think that Black female rappers Nicki Minaj and Azealia Banks would support one another. But, as it turns out, that's not the case. As seems to be the case with most of Azealia Banks' beef, the disharmony might have come about when she slighted Minaj's eccentric look during a VIBE magazine interview. "I think a lot of the things she started doing with her look were distracting," said Banks."I think she’s talented enough to sustain a very fruitful career without the ugly wigs and ugly costumes."

Adding more fuel to the flames was a tweet that Banks sent out earlier this week, regarding an invitation that Minaj allegedly offered to Banks.

"I got invited to tour with Nicki Minaj in Europe," she tweeted. "But I cant go because I have to finish my album during that time. :("

Minaj promptly shut down her younger peer with the following response: #ManTheseBitchesDelirious. Being that Banks always seems to literally have the last word in her Twitter battles, she fired back a barrage of shade at the "Pink Friday" artist:

"Did you mean… "delusional?" … Delirious was the wrong [email protected]…"

"Use good grammar when insulting others."

"*proper grammar"

"I don't believe "Rap game" hierarchy……Sorry."

And then finally: "Keep popping shit! ! !"

How sad it would it be if two of the most innovative rappers in the game — women who also happen to be twins on paper (same high school, same city of birth, same beef with Lil Kim, etc) — continue to draw out this feud?