Nicole Murphy will be 50 in just a few weeks and she looks fabulous, especially her skin.

While we can’t promise you flawless skin like hers, we can let you in on her secrets.

I mean, the woman is part of the vampire club, you know—stars over 40 who look really freaking great for their age.

Anyway, during an interview with Essence, the wife and model revealed the secret to her great skin, and it lies in the use of a hyaluronic acid serum created by SkinCeuticals.

According to the product’s website, the hyaluronic acid intensifier (H.A.) serum is “a multi-functional corrective serum to help amplify skin’s hyaluronic acid levels.”

The ingredient is typically used to treat burns, bed sores, wounds and skin ulcers. When injected, it can be used to treat severe knee pain, according to the National Institute of Health.

In celebration of Murphy’s #blackexcellence, here are a few photos from her Instagram.

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