Nigeria is reportedly targeting a Boko Haram hideout, but it must avoid the Chibok girls housed in the space, parents and activists said.

In 2014, the terrorist group kidnapped nearly 300 girls from a school in Chibok, a local government area of the Borno State in Nigeria.

So far, 106 girls have been located and freed. Last month, one more girl was found, but 100 are believed to be held in captivity by Boko Haram soldiers.

Some of the girls were killed or injured during previous attacks on the militants’ stronghold and bombing executed by Nigeria’s military, according Reuters.

Recently, the Nigerian military has announced a continuous “clearance operation” of the Sambisa forest, which resulted in the deaths of some of the militants.

According to some of the girls who managed to escape, more than a dozen of their classmates died or were severely injured during Nigerian airstrikes.