No, this isn’t a headline from last December when limited edition Air Jordans went on sale. But, a similar occurrence happened late Thursday night when Nike released its $220, limited edition Nike Foamposite One shoe. Just in time for the NBA All-Star Game in Orlando this weekend, 100 officers on horseback, motorcycles, and riot gear were sent to break up an unruly crowd waiting outside an Orlando mall around 9:45pm. Patrons were asked to wait across the street, since the mall was closing at 9pm, but one overzealous buyer ran towards Foot Locker and the crowd followed. Although there were no injuries or arrests, deputies announced there would be no shoe release for the anxious crowd.

The coveted shoes are a collection of three galactic-themed sneakers that glow in the dark. Nike named them after players Kevin Durant, Kobe Bryant, and LeBron James. Being described as “pandemonium” where people were “afraid of being trampled”, the shoes went on sale nationwide drawing crowds of thousands. One man was arrested in Hyattsville, Maryland for disorderly conduct. Neither Nike nor any of the three-featured athletes have issued a statement, and the shoes are already on Ebay for up to $60,000.

Is there a way for retailers to sell these must have items without patrons fearing for their safety? And, really, $220 for basketball sneakers?