Nikki Haley, the 29th United States Ambassador to the United Nations has offered her resignation to President Donald Trump after two years on the job.

The former governor of South Carolina met with Trump in the oval office this morning where the two of them looked content with her decision to leave as the press pool looked on.

“Haley has been very special to me. She’s done an incredible job,” Trump said. “She’s a fantastic person, very importantly, but she also is somebody that gets it.”

Trump continued that Haley told him six months ago that she wanted to “take a break” after two years as ambassador.

“We hate to lose you,” Trump said. “Hopefully you’ll be coming back at some point. But maybe in a different capacity. You can have your pick.”

Haley was appointed as a U.S. Ambassador by Trump in 2016, shortly after he won the presidential election. 

In January 2017, she was confirmed by the Senate 96-4 becoming the first Indian-American to hold a cabinet level position. No stranger to firsts she was the first female governor in South Carolina and the second Indian-American governor in the country next to Bobby Jindal, former governor of Louisiana. 

Haley said her time as an ambassador has been an “honor of a lifetime.”

“I’m not leaving until the end of the year,” Haley said. Until then, her focus is to “make sure that everything is in good place and for the next ambassador to come in.”