It’s been 25 years since Nile Rodgers and Chic have jammed on an album together. But come 2017, that long-awaited gap will be closed as the award-winning music producer and composer announced that the gang will be dropping their next project in 2017.

Producers of hits such as “I’m Coming Out” and “We Are Family,” the band rose to prominence during the ’70s and paved a funky lane during the disco and rock and roll eras. In addition, Chic had the no.1 selling record for Atlantic Records for 37 years and their tune “Good Times” went to No.1 three times.

The album, titled It’s About Time, would also give the energetic band another shot at getting voted into the Rock ‘N Roll Hall of Fame. Rodgers, who was just inducted into the 2017 class, expressed his appreciation but disappointment in the decision to not include his bandmates.

“I’m blown over because I didn’t expect to be singled out of Chic,” he said during an interview with Billboard.”So that’s weird right away. It’s just weird for me to be picked out of Chic and say, ‘Nile, you belong in the Rock and Roll Hall of Fame, but those other guys…’ Of course I am flattered and honored like crazy, but it’s sort of bittersweet for me because of all the things I’ve done that I’m exceptionally proud of, I’m really proud of Chic.”

A date for the next Chic project hasn’t been announced just yet but you can keep up with the news via Niles Rodgers website.

Attendees of EBONY’s Power 100 Gala were gifted with a trip down memory lane as the band brought attendees to their feet while performing a medley of their most iconic hits. You can catch the party below led by our Icon Award recipient, Nile Rodgers.