The wooden cottage in Tyron, North Carolina where music and civil rights icon Nina Simone was born in 1933 is now a designated National Treasure, reports Page Six.

The vacant three-room, 660-square-foot home had fallen into a state of dilapidation and was placed on the market in 2016. It was purchased by four African-American artists last year. The National Trust for Historic Preservation has plans to give the property a new life, calling the cottage “deteriorating yet nationally significant.”

Stephanie Meeks, National Trust President and Chief Executive Officer, says the organization will work closely with the community and the home’s new owners to help continue Simone’s legacy and to “inspire new generations of artists and activists.”

“[Her] distinctive voice and social critique in the mid-20th century was unlike anything America had ever heard before,” Meeks says. The singer used her music to address racial inequality, often performing and speaking at civil rights meetings.

The “Mississippi Goddamn” singer died in 2003 at the age of 70.