There are two types of people in this world: those who have eaten in New Orleans and those who haven't. If you find yourself in the latter group, do everything you can to change that. Stat! New Orleans is truly the American epicenter of mouth-watering experiences.

According to Trip Advisor, there are nearly 1200 restaurants in NOLA and a quick search on any of them reveals that you can hardly go wrong with whatever decision you make.

Sure, for the uninitiated, "alligator" or "gumbo" might be what mostly comes to mind, but New Orleans offers a tempting dish for any taste—from barbeque, to Vietnamese, to the tried and true classics of the city's famous Cajun and Creole cuisine. In New Orleans, when it comes to cuisine, you have your pick of the exotic to the everyday, but the common thread is the care and pride that each and every meal is seasoned with. The atmosphere and culture of New Orleans make the dining experience truly unique.

In the home of "saintly" food, there is something for everyone nosh on. Check out this slideshow, wipe the corners of your mouth, and book your ticket to NOLA now!