In honor of Black History Month, celebrates Black women who truly defy their age and their undying beauty, style and grace! 

Meet Helen Williams!

Helen Williams, Owner of Tracy Chambers Vintage

How is she really? 44

Hometown: Queens, NY

It’s kind of a funny story…but it was really hard for me to get a job and be taken seriously because for years post high school I looked 12. Then for years after college, I looked 16. Having 3 kids has made me come full circle and look my age.

Beauty Secret Revealed: Getting plenty of rest and living a non-stressful lifestyle.

Must-Have Beauty Products: Kiehls Blue Astingent Herbal Lotion, Dermalogica Special Cleansing Gel, SPF 15.

Style Staple: Anything black on the bottom, but a splash of color daily.

Women please… don’t rush your life! Let moments happen to complete your journey.

Directed by’s Melanie Y. Martin. Photographed by Lauren Marsh.  Hair: Sobhuza. Makeup:  Patricia Ambroise. Styling: Marc Vincent. Wardrobe courtesy of MarshallsTJ MaxxSMAK Parlour Boutique, and E. A Effect Boutique