Bayero University's campus in Kano, Nigeria was the site of a deadly attack Sunday morning. According to reports, small explosives were used to draw out and gun down Christian worshippers from surrounding buildings in the northern city; killing 16 people and leaving six more in serious condition. Boko Haram, the militant group responsible for several other attacks in predominantly Muslim North Nigeria this year, are presumed to be behind this assault.

The gunshots and explosions were said to have started in one church service and traveled to another, sparking “pandemonium” for over 30 minutes, according to a Reuters report. Ibrahim Idris, the Kano state police spokesman, said that by the time police arrived, the attackers had "disappeared into the neighborhood.” And while no group has claimed responsibility, the aluminum drinking can explosives used were the same method previously used by Boko Haram. The militant group has waged an unofficial war of sorts with Nigeria’s central government, killing as many as 450 people using deadly attacks as a way to force their demands.