The late Notorious B.I.G.'s daughter T'yanna Wallace is all grown up. The 18 year old Penn State student has announced her aspirations to become a fashion designer, and is apparently putting those plans into action. Wallace has recently been contributing new designs to Brooklyn Mint, her father's clothing line that she intends to eventually make into an empire. 

Fashion isn't the only thing Wallace has on the brain these days, though. While she may be hip-hop royalty, Wallace also appears to be hold celebrity crushes just like your average teenager. She has recently declared her love for Harlem rapper A$AP Rocky, not only as an avid listener but as a "future husband" as well. We may be getting ahead of ourselves now, but between Rocky's fresh talent and Wallace's family name they could possibly make quite the fly couple.

Does Wallace have what it takes to put her own mark on the Notorious B.I.G.'s legacy? Or do celebrity children get a bit too ahead of themselves sometimes, simply because of their parents' statuses?