Whether relaxed or natural, long, beautiful healthy hair is the goal for many women. How we go about obtaining that goal is the true determining factor whether or not we see desired results. On our personal hair journeys, we’ve all tried various methods that promised more beautiful hair.  Now, let’s take it a step further and actually try products that nourish and give our hair the proper treatment to grow.

“The Mane Choice” is a hair solution company that infuses vitamins and minerals to their products nourish hair to encourage the growth of long, healthy locks. Founder Courtney Adeleye dishes on her Green Tea and Carrot Deep Conditioner, as well as her vitamin “Manetabolism," which are becoming the talk of the hair-obsessed on social media. 

EBONY.com: Are “The Mane Choice” products catered to mostly natural or relaxed consumers?

Courtney Adeleye: It’s definitely a line that can be used for natural and relaxed [hair]. My aim was to create products that you need for styling as well as for health. I want to incorporate that into everything that I do. I started with a priority, which I felt was the deep conditioning. I feel many women with relaxed and natural hair miss is the deep conditioning process, which I think is most vital.

EBONY.com: What specific ingredients are in the products that cause hair growth?

C.A,: The name of the deep conditioner is Green Tea and Carrot. Green tea is an excellent source for growth and we added the carrot oil for the actual health and retention of your hair. A lot of times people can grow hair, but not necessarily retain what they have. It seems to be the problem that a lot of African-Americans have. It’s growing, but it’s still shedding and breaking. That’s what the carrot oil is there for.  It’s a high quality ingredient that will transition your hair to a healthy state and to make it strong. The stronger your hair, the more durable your hair will become, the more you’re going to retain it. Carrot oil takes your hair and kind of shields it and makes it really strong and healthy.

The conditioner use is recommended every two weeks at most. It does make your hair feel extra soft and extra hydrated which makes people want to use it more often than they should.

EBONY.com: Many women have an issue with hair hydration. Does the Green Tea & Carrot Oil Deep Conditioner hydrate hair?

C.A.: Yes. We also have a little bit of vegetable glycerin in there and it’s a really good ingredient when it comes to hydration or not having your hair dry out. You have to play around with the amount that you use. Combining it with other oils like Castor Oil is even better. It puts a shield over your hair and it will lock in the moisture. A lot of times, you will hear me talk about moisturizing by adding some type of wet product to your hair and then put the moisturizer on top of it. However, I still deep condition on dry hair with my product. I tell people if you actually want that extra boost of deep conditioning, you can do it on dry hair too. We think that it’s only after washing your hair that you should deep condition, but that's not true.

EBONY.com: Your Manetabolism Vitamins are becoming quite popular. What makes them different from other hair vitamins currently on the market?

C.A.: I didn’t want to come out with a vitamin that was solely for hair. With my nursing background, and my husband who is a physician as well, we worked on this together. For example, let’s just call it Vitamin 1 and Vitamin 2. You may take Vitamin 1, but you need Vitamin 2 to get Vitamin 1 to work. What we did was we took it on all different levels. We added niacin to it as well. When you hear niacin, you think of people dealing with blood pressure or cholesterol. Cholesterol also builds up on your scalp, in the pores of the scalp and niacin is going to break that down. The amount of niacin is just enough to block the cholesterol on your scalp. We try to take this into all angles that we can to allow the hair to grow, but also do your body some good. When you talk about Vitamin C & D, these are vitamins that the body can’t produce and we have to take them. A lot of people don’t eat properly and that has a big effect on us overall. Your hair is a big indicator of how your body is. It [Manetabolism] is a dietary supplement that I think we all need in certain quantity, and if we don’t get them, you will see a difference in your hair.

EBONY.com: Does one's diet have an effect on the Manetabolism results as well? 

C.A.: Overall you will see results in your body. As far as your health, it’s cheating a little. You will definitely see results in your hair, but like I tell people: it’s a combination of a lot of things that’s going to aid in hair growth. Of course we still encourage people to exercise and eat right. If you’re the type of person who still doesn’t eat right and you take the vitamins, you will still, more than likely, see the difference in your hair.

EBONY.com: Are there any reported side effects to the Manetabolism Vitamin?

C.A.: We haven’t had any reports of side effects. When you begin taking the pills you may feel different. It may not be something that you can quite put your finger on it. I would suggest start out taking one pill per day for a week and then work your way up to two pills a day.

Manetabolism products are available online at themanechoice.com as well as amazon.com. We suggest that you talk to your doctor before starting on a new vitamin regimen. Be sure to let us know how these products work for you on twitter @EBONYMag!