A flat iron that infuses argan oil right into your strands? For real? For real. I was amazed when I was introduced to Corioliss’ K2 Professional Vapour Infusion Iron, a straightening tool with black diamond ceramic plates that reach up to 395 degrees. Along with an automatic one hour sleeper shut off (perfect for you forgetful dolls), the tool uses infrared heat and a steam transfer to lightly inject argan oil with each swipe. Fret not, the application leaves hair weightless, shiny and conditioned. We’re sure once you heard the word oil, you assumed your precious sleek style would be left a greasy, stringy mess. Not with the K2.

The tool comes with a specially formatted argan oil treatment and a strict warning against using any other oils. If you attempt to get fancy with your own blend, you’ll completely ruin your $249 investment.

Along with the K2, I fell head over heels in love with the brand’s Mini Vintage dryer [see pictures of the dyers here] that will totally dress up any bathroom. Unlike the K2, no, it doesn’t blow the breath of the hair gods into your mane, but it’s quite possibly the cutest professional blow dryer we’ve ever seen. Hair tools often sit out on our cluttered counters, so it’s only right that they double as decoration. The powerful dryer comes in black or blue floral for $49.

The K2 can only be purchased online at Corioliss.com. You’ll also find the Mini Vintage dryers, along with hair accessories and extensions.