Natural hair bloggers and online hair forums alike have long chatted up the art of using conditioner as a shampoo. Now L'Oreal Paris takes this practice to the mainstream world of hair care. L'Oreal EVERCREME is what our tresses has been yearning for all along: moisture rich products that cleanses the hair without drying it out.

With Eva Longoria as a spokeperson, EverCreme locks in double the moisture for smooth shiny, and healthy locks.'s style and beauty editor Geneva S. Thomas can't stop raving about the product, and Kierna Mayo,'s Editorial Director—who was treated to a L'Oreal salon blow-out with EverCreme—admits she was a bit skeptical. "I was worried because I felt like my hair wasn't clean enough, after I saw little suds build-up in my hair during the wash, but once the stylist blew out my hair, I instantly noticed the difference!"

Here's the trick: While EverCreme does consist of a “shampoo”, its effect on hair serves as more of a cleansing conditioner. Perfect for women with dry, brittle locks in need of restoration. And get this, the line is 100 percent vegan!

And here's what you can expect: Low-lathering washes that leave your hair soft and manageable. Get over the suds, ladies, and get into moisture! All products are free of heavy waxes, harsh salts, and packed with omega three and six.

The EverCreme line includes: Intense Nourishing Shampoo and Conditioner, Deep Nourishing Masque, Leave-In Conditioner Spray, and a final Cleansing Conditioner designed for a quick "wash-n-go".

Pick up EverCreme in your local drugstores with prices starting at only $6.99.