For improved health, high energy, and disease prevention, the importance of a multi-nutritional diet and daily vitamin intake is undeniable. But in the busy world we live in, who has the time to keep track of a long list of over-the-counter supplements and even remember to take a handful of pills twice daily? 

Thankfully, a new crop of innovative, nutrition-focused brands are emerging with more efficient solutions for satisfying daily dietary needs. Researched-backed findings state that daily multivitamins work best when they’re custom formulated for your body. In response, these brands all offering personalized plans for maximum impact. Luckily, the supplement companies below are transparent, backed by research, and dedicated to doing the work for you, so you can get the variety of nutrients you need in a single use. Of course, always meet with your doctor to determine your exact nutritional needs and to confirm the safety of any product.

Ready to ditch the one-size-fits-all approach multi-vitamin route? Read on for the brands optimizing technology to improve your health. 

Nutrition Meets Hydration

Blueshift Nutrition, the world's first Hydro-Nutrient System, is powered by an auto-blending Wellness Bottle that creates nutrient-rich, delicious drinks that absorb faster in your digestive tract and provide hydration. The nutrients come directly from your choice of supplement pods and flavor options, packed with heftyingredients like magnesium, fiber, and whole fruits and vegetables, to meet a range of health and wellness goals. Thanks to the smart bottle’s lift-to-blend technology, you’re ensured a clump free drink that remains chilled, so every sip is tasty. Each drink includes up to 10 times the active ingredients found in pills and capsules, so you truly get results you can feel.

Blueshift Nutrition Smart Bottle, $80 and Pods, $25 for pack of 28 pods,

Image: Blueshift Nutrition

Next-Level Customization

Through innovative at-home testing (completed in under 5 minutes), Rootine tests your genetics, lifestyle, and blood levels to identify and address your key nutritional weaknesses. Once your results are in, a personalized microbead formula is engineered to address your unique needs. Rootine specifically uses microbead technology because each nutrient can be dosed to the milligram or microgram to ensure that you get the exact amount you need to best support your cells. Once your formula is created, your personalized micronutrient packs are delivered to your door for daily use. Over time, you can continually track your progress in their app to monitor improvement toward your overall health goals including productivity, energy, stress reduction, and fitness.

Rootine Personalized Kit, $60 for monthly supply,

Image: courtesy of Rootine

Optimized Greens

When Dawn Russell, the founder of 8Greens discovered that 87% of Americans do not get their daily minimum requirement of greens, she decided to do something about it. The Daily Powder Sticks are made from eight REAL greens and infused with essential vitamins (including spinach, kale, aloe vera, wheatgrass, algae, barley grass, chlorella, and spirulina) so you can consume your greens in the fastest way. Simply mix or blend one powder stick with an 8oz. glass of water (or liquid of choice) any time of the day. The taste is surprisingly fresh and available in two new, delicious flavors: Natural Pomegranate Basil and Natural Cucumber Watermelon.  

8Greens Daily Powder Sticks, $28 for pack of 15,

Image: courtesy of 8Greens

All Your Pills in One Pouch

Meology, is a simple tool backed by complex science. The process starts with an online quiz with questions about your diet, lifestyle, health goals and biology (you can even connect DNA/blood test/results.) The result is a recommendation of products that address both what you think you need based on lifestyle, and the results of your DNA and blood test. The brand will even adjust for allergies, preferences, and prescription drug interactions. Next, choose your plan and a personalized daily packets of vitamins will be delivered to you every 30 days. 

Meology by Shaklee Vitamin Packet, $70 monthly,

Image: Instagram/@shaklee