Spa Week founder Cheryl Reid was certainly onto something 10 years ago when she concocted a recipe for jaded New Yorkers to settle down and enjoy discounted full-service spa treatments. Spa Week (October 20-26) makes the wellness experience more openly available to the masses by offering what could normally cost over $100 for half the price.

After sprinting to catch my train from New Jersey to New York City, I boarded in a cold sweat with a densely packed tote bag and irredeemably messy hair. Living or working in Manhattan isn’t always as easy or glamorous as it sounds. The Big Apple makes for a melting pot of exciting people and adventures, but while the constant hustle and bustle of the concrete jungle can be exciting, we don’t always slow down enough to recognize the relaxing escapes hidden like gems in different pockets of the city.

When it’s “just one of those days” in New York, the vibe can be both stressful and draining. Thankfully, I was scheduled for a spa massage. It would be my first.

From out of the cab into SKN Spa, I didn’t expect all that much from the small storefront’s presence. As my senses anticipated complete rejuvenation, I couldn’t help but think: “how could Hell’s Kitchen serve up peaceful indulgence, and will this actually rejuvenate me?”

As my pessimism crept in, a friendly looking masseuse approached with a smile and a clipboard form to fill out while waiting in the tiny, plush lounge area. Comforted by the charm and simple elegance of the waiting space, I felt my body begin to settle down. I couldn’t help but wonder what was beyond the glass doors of the chic, cozy front.

SKN Spa is one of many full-service facilities throughout the city, truly unique in its petite, sleek interior design versus its surrounding NYC construction debris and bustle. Walking down the long, narrow hallway, I can say (although I had little to compare it to) this was an ultra-relaxing urban escape, and I enjoyed the deep tissue massage and pampering. SKN Spa also specializes in customized clinical facials and skin treatments.

Who’d have thought such an urban landscape could provide a deeply therapeutic escape and full body rejuvenation at a rock-bottom price? Luxury without the intimidating price tag is rare, so use this time wisely to treat your mind, body and spirit to a break. Savor the perks of Spa Week before time runs out!

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