As Pride month continues to flourish, we are continuing to see a dazzling and lively assortment of folks who are celebrating themselves. Through music, fashion, art, and dance, queer identities are being honored and amplified in ways they haven't been before.

One of the biggest and most lively Pride celebrations in the world, NYC Pride commemorated the joyous occasion in the place where it all started. When Black queer woman Storme Delarvarie allegedly fought back against violent police officers at the Stonewall Inn in New York's Greenwich Village in 1969, the Gay Rights movement changed for the better. What ensued was an all out display of total resistance and urgency for equity that has continued in the same spirit today. Because of this act of civil disobedience, the Pride movement has been able to become the force of change and inclusion that it is today.

In light of the rollback of Roe v. Wade, NYC Pride reminds us to keep hope alive and to never stop using our voice and living in our most genuine purpose. This charge is especially important for the Black queer community who continues to thrive and persevere in the midst of strife and disenfranchisement.

Check out these exclusive photos that celebrate the joy and beauty of the Black LGBTQ+ community at the 52nd annual NYC Pride parade.