The man who opened fire on a Brooklyn subway car, shooting 10 and leaving 19 more wounded, has been taken into custody, CNN reports.

62-year-old Frank James, was regarded as the prime suspect in Tuesday’s horrific attack, and his status was elevated after it was discovered that he purchased the gun recovered at the scene, the authorities said.

James was captured approximately five miles from where the shooting took place in Manhattan after being the target of a manhunt for less than a day.

Police apprehend James after receiving a tip on its Crime Stoppers hotline.

“My fellow New Yorkers, we got him. We got him,” Mayor Eric Adams said.

As EBONY previously reported, multiple people were shot in a New York City subway station on Tuesday morning and numerous undetonated devices were found.

According to the FDNY, the shooting took place at a station in Brooklyn’s Sunset Park neighborhood where five people were shot and 13 more were injured in the shocking incident.

It was reported that a man dressed in clothing resembling MTA attire, was seen tossing a device in the subway stations before he began shooting at around 8:30 A.M.

As the train reached the 36th St. stop, the doors opened and the wounded commuters jumped on the platform, shocking passengers who were waiting to board the train.

“We’re going to catch this person,” Adams said on CNN’s New Day on Wednesday morning. “We’re going to bring him to justice and hold him responsible for this horrific act on innocent people that are utilizing our subway system."

Allegedly, James disguised himself as a construction worker before firing 33 rounds onboard a Manhattan-bound N train in the Sunset Park, Brooklyn neighborhood during the early-morning rush. 

The motive for the shooting is not yet known.