A Black New York City cop is in trouble with her supervisors for a reply to an NYPD Twitter post with the hashtag #Blacklivesmatter, the New York Daily News reports.

Officer Gwendolyn Bishop was given departmental charges for the post on a police precinct Twitter page when replying to a Tweet about a gun arrest in February 2016.”Sad day for the 76th Pct. #Blacklivesmatter,” the Tweet said. She posted the remark under her personal handle, whose account has since been deleted.

At a departmental trial, she told police officials she meant to write “Bluelivesmatter” and said her phone’s autocorrect caused the mistake. She also said she was not referring to the gun arrest directly.

Her attorney John Tynan noted that she posted the comment three times, using #bluelivesmatter in two of the posts.

“I vaguely remember the tweets,” she said to Commissioner David Weisel during the hearing. “If I had to guess, there were a lot of changes in my precinct about shifts being switched, but it had nothing to do about this gun arrest.”

Tynan said that Bishop was not guilty of violating any NYPD social media rules because she did not access its account, according to the Daily News, but rather were from her own private Twitter account.

“She can reply to a tweet just as the 500 million others who use Twitter can,” said Tynan.