A NYPD Sergeant has quit the force after he was caught stealing from Banana Republic.

Last Friday, the New York Post reported Sgt. Tamas Balatoni of Staten Island was discovered switching price tags at a Manhattan Banana Republic.

Prices at the store may be a tad nonsensical for the economically savvy consumer. But given the 49-year-old made $170,000 in the 2017 fiscal year, we have a sneaking suspicion Sgt. Balatoni’s pockets wouldn’t have taken the most gastronomical hit.

The sergeant wasn’t arrested when cops were called to the store which was located near police headquarters. In retribution for the Dec. 21 shoplifting attempt, Balatoni handed in his badge and gun and was demoted to desk duty.

At the time of the incident, Balatoni was on special duty as a driver for a Staten Island assistant chief.

“You’re driving the chief of the borough, that’s all you have to do every day,” an anonymous source told the Post. “It’s just stupid. The best thing that happened to him was that the store didn’t press any charges.”

The sergeant would have likely been fired if he didn’t quit.

“It’s a sad way to end your career,” the insider said. “No walkout for him.”